A wide array of carefully selected flavors,

all with deliciously crispy pure Aloe Vera bits with no gelatin or powder. 

Only lightly sweetened with natural sugar-cane juice and Stevia.


Straight from the plant.

For savoring the “real thing”

with just a bit of sweetening and nothing else.

Size: 500ml

Pink Lemonade

For the ones who like a bit of a citrus kick.

With a dash of grape skin extract.

Size: 500ml


A luscious combination with such a well-balanced fruit.

And a touch of apple juice.

Size: 500ml


We couldn’t miss a blend with the most popular fruit from Thailand.

Very delicate aftertaste.

Size: 500ml


Intense and a bit tangy.

A winning combination with Aloe juice and pulp.

Size: 500ml, 1.5L


A classic tropical fruit,

from the lush groves of Thailand

Size: 500ml, 1.5L


Delightfully refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days.

One of the best sellers.

Size: 500ml, 1.5L


The latest addition to our family!

A luscious and mouth watering blend.   

Size: 500ml, 1.5L

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